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September 30, 2020

AIREO Phi-Week Event

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In only its third year, the ESA Phi Week has already become an unmissable international event, presenting the most innovative EO, New Space and market developments along with current trends and transformative ideas.

The objectives of the AIREO side event at Phi Week 2020 were to connect with and expand the AIREO Network and to communicate the results of the state-of-the-art review in technologies, standards, use-cases and applications for AIREO training datasets to the stakeholder and user community.

The event was kicked off by Patrick Griffiths of ESA, who introduced the AIREO activity, and the following talks:

  • Hamed Alemohammad of the Radiant Earth Foundation presented ‘Radiant MLHub and STAC, Establishing an EO Training Data Commons’
  • Kyoung-Sook Kim of the OGC GeoAI working group presented ‘Gaps, issues and challenges for using AI in geospatial information, particularly EO data’
  • Joaquin Vanschoren of the OpenML Learning Foundation presented ‘Experiences from OpenML in preparing and sharing open data for machine learning’
  • Jenny Hanafin of the Irish Centre for High-End Computing presented ‘Results of the initial online AIREO survey’

The talks were followed by breakout sessions to discuss the preparation of the AIREO specification where key elements required in the AIREO training datasets specifications and best practices were identified and the existing initiatives, activities, businesses, technologies and community needs and solutions for AIREO training datasets were discussed.



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